Encountering difficulty entering Lessons site?

Remember that the online classroom and the lessons site use different username and passwords.

The password for the Lessons site is in the Class Information handout and information for accessing the Class Information website will be sent to you at that time.

Encountering difficulty accessing the online classroom?

  • Make sure your firewall or any parental control programs such as Net Nanny, Norton Family Client, McAfee Family Protection, Giga Watch,   or any similar parental control program on your computer does not block access to the online classroo. Each is different, so you will need to make any adjustments needed.
    If you can enter allowable sites, be sure to enter as well as (which is our classroom program). Make sure it also does not block scripts such as adobe flash, java applets, etc. NOTE: this is THE most common problem, so make sure you have checked for this if you have problems.
  • Make sure you do not have Yahoo! toolbar – or completely disable it. Yahoo! toolbar is very invasive, and will block MANY programs.
  • Internet Explorer has its own security, which may block some programs that require scripts to run. Make sure to adjust those settings.
  • If Internet Explorer is still giving you a hard time, you can download a more friendly browser – Firefox – from
  • This free browser works the same as your Internet Explorer, but is much more user friendly.
  • If you continue to run into ANY problems, be sure to include the following in an e-mail to me.
    • the EXACT error message or screen that you see and include it in your e-mail to me.
    • your computer type (PC or Mac)
    • Windows version (i.e. XP, Vista, Windows 7) OR Mac OS version.
    • Browser – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or specific version of other browser.