Ages: 10 and up

Time required: Approximately 3-4 hours per week, plus up to 1 hour weekly online class time.

Description: Students will learn the basic elements of storytelling through the classic Hero’s Journey structure. Along with examining plot, character, and setting, the students will craft their own short story from an outline through the final draft. Emphasis is placed on organization of thoughts, bold and active writing, precision of grammar and punctuation, use of the thesaurus and dictionary, and learning to self-edit—skills that will transfer to all forms of writing.

 Students will download and print weekly lessons from a passworded website. We will “meet” as a class online once a week to discuss the lesson and share any questions or ideas. Assignments will be typed in Microsoft Word and will be sent via e-mail attachment. Instructor will make edits and return to students for revisions, and they will then return them to instructor again.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals 1, Fundamentals 2, Descriptive Writing, Beginning Creative Writing and our instructor recommendation.

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