Ages:  9 + | Length of Time:  6 Weeks

Description:  Students will be introduced to compound subjects and verbs, direct objects, and dictionary skills.  Students will learn the parts of a paragraph including a topic sentence, detail sentences, and a closing sentence.  Students will have specific practice with writing each of these parts before writing their own paragraph at the end of class.  Students will learn about run-on sentences, using specific words, and homophones.  Students will learn how to use a graphic organizer to gather thoughts and write a paragraph on their own.  Finally, students will be introduced to using an editing checklist to self-edit their work.

Time Required:  Approximately 1 ½ – 2 hours per week, plus up to 1 hour weekly online class time.

Method:  Students will download and print weekly lessons from a passworded website. We will “meet” as a class online once a week to discuss the lesson and share any questions or ideas. Assignments will be typed in Microsoft Word or similar program and will be sent via e-mail attachment. I will make edits and return to students for revisions, and they will then return them to me again.

Prerequisites:  Let’s Write Sentences!

Writing Sample: If you feel your student’s punctuation, grammar, sentence development and structure are beyond the beginning classes, please feel free to have your student submit a writing sample here.

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