Ages: 10 -18 | Length of Class: 6 weeks

Description: Students will learn personal event journaling techniques which will generate ideas for writing a short autobiographical account of an event. They will also learn how to write simple interview questions, conduct a short interview, and write a short biographical account of their interviewee. Included will also be instruction on how to write a friendly letter and address a letter. Journaling of daily reading of a book of the student’s choice will be an ongoing part of the class. Focus will continue to be on setting up a paragraph, including topic sentences, details, and closing sentences, as well as basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Time Required: Approximately 2-3 hours per week, plus up to 1 hour weekly online class time.

Method: Students will download and print weekly lessons from a passworded website. We will “meet” as a class online once a week to discuss the lesson and share any questions or ideas. Assignments will be typed in Microsoft Word and will be sent via e-mail attachment. Instructor will make edits and return to students for revisions, and they will then return them to instructor again.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Writing 1, Fundamentals of Writing 2, and Descriptive Writing, or the skills taught in those classes, and our instructor recommendation.

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