Ages: 14 -18 | Length of Class: 6 weeks

This course can be repeated more than once, since this is a skill that improves with practice.

 Students will learn about Bildungsroman, or novel of formation, by reading, interpreting and analyzing a pre-selected British novel, and will present a completed literary analysis essay by the end of the session. We will investigate the background and significance of “novel of formation,” the tension between an individual and their society, and examine how and why the selected novel fit into the Bildungsroman (or “coming of age”) category. Other concepts covered and learned through class include: in-depth literary analysis, critical thinking, class participation/discussion, and writing an extensive literary analysis essay. It is highly recommended that this class be repeated more than once, especially for high school level students (the book will change with each session.)

Time Required:  Approximately 5 hours per week, plus up to 1 hour weekly online class time.

Students will be required to read a pre-selected novel prior to the start of class. Online classes will feature in-depth analysis/discussion, and homework will be a week-by-week progression towards the final essay.

Students will download and print weekly lessons from a passworded website. We will “meet” as a class online once a week to discuss the lesson and share any questions or ideas. Assignments will be typed in Microsoft Word and will be sent via e-mail attachment. Instructor will make edits and return to students for revisions, and they will then return them to instructor again.Prerequisites: Must be competent with Microsoft Word or Open Office equivalent. Must have completed  (one or more times as recommended by instructors)Paragraph Writing, Writing About Books, Expository (Research) Writing, and Literature Analysis  and receive teacher recommendation for this class.


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