I’m continually impressed by the teaching methodology and how clear each of my son’s Home2Teach teachers have been in giving him (and I) feedback and a better understanding of the writing fundamentals. It’s been like a night and day transformation, even from one week to the next. I’m also able to point out errors and guide him in thinking through his writing and edit checking with his school work. It’s so empowering.

I overheard him telling his grandmother that he thought the class was tough. When she asked him if he thought it was too much work he said no because he was learning a lot. Wow! That’s high praise.

I remember how he resisted when I signed him up for that first class and how he procrastinated and resisted in doing the assignments. Now he asks when his next class is going to start and what going to be covered. He’s also increasing his computer literacy and typing skills to boot. Yea! Keep up the great work!

— Veta H., Maryland

I cannot tell you what a WONDERFUL experience my son’s class has been. We were initially referred to you from another home schooler in our group. Boy, was she spot on!!! My son is finishing up the Narrative Writing class, and his teacher is unbelievable! She is so prompt, professional, personable and ENCOURAGING! I never expected my son to enjoy this type of class (online), but he is so serious and focused now. He’s really enjoyed it (I actually have not heard him complain once!!!)

— Julie C., South Carolina

I just couldn’t keep this to myself….my daughter called me the other day to tell me that she got a 100 on her college midterm English essay and aced the exam! She told me that she is so grateful for everything you taught her…she has met so many students who have told her in frustration that they were not prepared for college essay writing, or the time management that college level work is demanding of them. She is breezing through her English composition class, and I credit your Home2Teach classes for preparing her so well!

In addition, my other daughter is in a very challenging co-op English class this year, and many of the kids are struggling with the essay writing process. We received her midterm grades, and her average is 101! She has had not trouble whatsoever with the writing – in fact, her teacher was impressed with the fact that she was already very familiar with MLA format and the use of active voice in her compositions. The Home2Teach classes she took in middle school really prepared her well.

I am delighted to see the results of their training with Home2Teach, and definitely glad that my younger children are beginning the classes this year.

— Amy T., SC

I really appreciate the individualized treatment that my daughters receive. I think they have become better writers because of this class. Also, the encouragement was wonderful. Thanks so much.

— Norma S., Texas

It was a wonderful class for my writing-phobic son. Thank you!

— Phyllis G, Canada

My daughter was stretched in this class to reach her potential. She realized what she was capable of and became motivated to meet the deadlines, complete the assignments, and even went above the minimum requirements. She really developed a passion for writing. More importantly, she realized how a piece of paper that she produces is a representation of her and willingness to make an effort.

— Christy H., Georgia

I am so grateful to have found this opportunity. This was a subject that I struggled to provide in an enjoyable way. My daughter has looked forward to class and has done all her work without any prompting from me. I look forward to more classes.

— Susan A., Virginia

My sons have enjoyed these writing classes for a few years now and it has made a world of difference in their writing. The online classes have completely taken the stress of teaching writing out of our homeschool. I’m very grateful for your classes and teaching style!

— Dianne W., Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I got 95% on my first major writing assignment. It was an Opinion Editorial, and believe it or not, I came up with three and a half pages of things to say about…grass. Thanks to you, I was comfortable with my punctuation and style and apparently able to get the message across the way I wanted. Thanks for all your help, and for building a strong foundation for my writing abilities. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated (and applied) the many things you taught me. I never received anything but an “A” grade on all of my papers this semester, and I feel very prepared for the writing I will do in the future. Thanks so much!

— Caitlin B. (former student, now in college), Colorado

My girls learn so much from you. Daughter #1 feels challenged and encouraged in her writing by your courses, and wants you to know that she loves the classes! My non-writing inclined daughter, daugher #2, is getting consistent structure and feedback which are crucial to her learning. Her instructor does a good job of sounding kind AND being persistent about getting errors corrected when my daughter overlooks them, which is exactly what she needs.

— Janet F., Georgia

These classes have been great for my son, challenging him in ways I never could due to my own writing limitation. It is also helping him to learn better organization skills and avoid the habit of procrastination. This is not my area of ability and I had found it frustrating and time consuming. My daughter is staying motivated, self-directed, and works very hard at these classes which I attribute to the teacher. Thank you!

— Laurie T., California

My son began home schooling in 9th grade and you patiently taught him writing for 2.5 years. He graduated on Monday and this week has been a time to reflect and thank God for the people that he sent to help us with our son. You are one of those people. My son received an appointment to the US Merchant Marine Academy. When he began homeschooling, our goal was that he would learn to love to learn. At the time, we would have been happy just to have him finish high school and maybe get into a tech school. We will always remember your dogged determination in demanding that he work to his potential. Thank you for appreciating our son. Just thought you might want to know about some of the fruits of your labor. God bless you with strength and patience as you do the same with many others.

— Beth B. South Carolina

As a home school mom, I’ve struggled to teach my three boys, ages 17, 16 and 12, to write effectively. So when I came across Home2Teach in 2005, I was very fortunate. Eileen and her staff have been very helpful in guiding my children to organize and put their thoughts on paper. The boys have all improved dramatically and enjoy writing. I will continue using her writing program until my youngest graduates.

— Judy C., VA

Ever since I started Home2Teach, I’ve been impressed by the amount of one-on-one attention I have received as a student. My assignments and questions have been so promptly and thoroughly responded to that it makes me feel like I am the only student!

— Cari F., Georgia

I wanted to share with you – as you were an integral part- that my son was selected as a South Carolina Junior Scholar based on his recent PSAT scores. (He is currently in the 8th grade). He scored above the required 50 in all 3 areas – math, critical reading, and writing skills. I know for a fact that he did so well on writing skills due to your writing classes and we are very appreciative of it!

— Vicki B,. South Carolina

Thank you for all your work with my girls. My daughter took English Composition 1 at the community college and did very well. In fact, the teacher used her paper as an example of good writing! Thank you for the service you offer to us as home schoolers. It is greatly appreciated.

— Terry S., New Jersey

I struggle with my bills (and my time, having to work) as I’m sure the rest of your clients do, but I know without a shadow of a doubt you’re worth every penny I scraped up! Thank you Eileen, and thanks to all your teachers past and present, that help our kids!

— Valarie R., Louisiana

I wanted you to know that I am now enrolled in an online high school. In English this semester, I wrote two papers – one was a three page narrative and the other was a two page descriptive essay. I thought you would like to know that, because of your wonderful help in writing, I got 100% on both papers the very first time I submitted them! No corrections!!! At the end of the semester, the teacher picked the best half dozen or so and posted them online for all of her students. I can only imagine she had at least 150+ papers, and she published BOTH of mine! Thank you so much for all your guidance and giving me the tools to continue to perfect my writing one paper at a time.

— Chloe F., South Carolina

As a homeschooling mom, it is very hard to relinquish control to another instructor, especially if you are VERY discerning like I am. Well, I can honestly say that I am happy to have “taken the plunge” with you and Home2Teach and have found that your classes enhance my curriculum and provide another caring, qualified coach for my children. It’s a relief to know that each week they are learning and personally being challenged by their excellent instructors, and it definitely takes the burden off me as I can relax and watch them enjoy their online classes, the relationships established with other students and instructors, and, most importantly, see their excitement and confidence grow with the completion of each writing assignment. We are so grateful for your individualized attention — it felt like a personal tutor at times!

— Tracy F., South Carolina