Eileen Heath

Eileen created the Home2Teach program while she was home schooling her two youngest children, creating lessons for them and a few students in a small co-op in which she was involved. She is passionate about ensuring children develop and apply strong written communication skills from the time they are young because they cannot succeed in any subject without such skills. Eileen’s degree is in Early Childhood Education, which included extensive English courses. Eileen lives in northern California with her husband and family. She takes great pride in her four remarkable children and three grandchildren, two of whom she helped her oldest daughter home school. Her two oldest daughters are talented artists in various media. Her youngest daughter (who was home schooled until high school) graduated with a PhD in Human Genetics, and her son (who was also home schooled until high school) graduated with a degree in finance and Economics.

TeacherBelindaBelinda Keen

Belinda graduated from Medaille College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Communications. She is an avid writer and reader.  Belinda plays an active role in her children’s education inside and outside the classroom. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two children. You can often find her either in the kitchen baking or sprawled out in the living room with her nose in a book.

Devon KellyDevon bio picture

Devon graduated with a B.A. in English from Thomas Edison State College, focusing on literature analysis and creative writing. She is a lover of words for their ability to communicate truth. With a passion for critical and creative thinking, she enjoys being around the imaginative curiosity of children. Devon has tutored English students, currently teaches piano, and is excited to add Home2teach to her teaching experience.

Hannah Pirc

Hannah lives in Southern Idaho, and was home schooled through graduation. She holds Bachelors in Music and Communications through Thomas Edison University. She is a Community Assistant for YWW and enjoys writing, blogging, editing for fellow writers, and helping students achieve their potential. She finds teaching for  Home2Teach very exciting! When she’s not writing, you will find her spending time with her Savior, playing or teaching piano, studying, spending time with her family and friends, and running around with her puppy Ellie.

Jazmyne Griffith

Jazmyne is the oldest of seven children. She is a homeschool graduate, and is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Liberty University. She enjoys music, and has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old. Jazmyne is also one of the church pianists.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, sewing, and drawing. She enjoys writing stories, descriptive essays, and reports. She looks forward to helping your children succeed in their writing journey.

Kim Andreottikimandreotti

After acquiring a teaching degree and Master’s in Educational Technology, I taught elementary school for several years.  Then my husband and I chose to school our own four children at home.   What a fantastic journey that has been!  I look forward to continuing to teach children and supporting the parents who home school. I enjoy hiking, running, time at the beach, and caring for my two cats.

StephanieNagleStephanie Nagle

Stephanie was homeschooled through high school and is a former student of Home2Teach. Recently, she graduated with honors from a local university with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in technical writing. She enjoys teaching and tutoring others in virtually any subject she can. Although she appreciates a well-written essay, her favorite kinds of writing are creative writing and poetry, and some of her favorite pastimes are reading, baking, singing, and going for walks.

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany lives in Canada with her family, and is a homeschool graduate. She is close to finishing a BA in Music from Thomas Edison State University. Tiffany enjoys walking alongside others and helping them reach their full potential, whether they be her piano students, her online students, or even just her siblings. In her spare time, she might be found reading a book, doing some needlework, or going on yet another researching spree on whatever subject she is interested in at the moment.