About Us

Home2teach offers high quality, challenging, college-prep online writing classes to home schoolers ages 8 to 18 world wide. We offer four six-week sessions per school year, with an additional modified session offered for summers, and students may begin in any session. Lessons are downloaded from our class website, and students will meet once a week in an online classroom with their classmates and the instructor to cover and reinforce the lesson material. Students will complete assignments or edits daily, typing in Microsoft Word (or equivalent word processing programs) and e-mailing to instructor for input and edits.

How it works:

The lessons are posted online at the lessons site — which is password protected.  We “meet” once a week online for a chat to go over that week’s lesson and allow the students to share ideas or questions and work on examples.  The chat is text-based (typing) only to ensure families with all levels of technology can participate. The students complete assignments from the lessons each day and e-mail them to their instructor for edits, input and revisions.  Students will be completing work most days of the week.   We cover a great deal of material, and we are so impressed with each class and how they improve as writers!  We also adjust our expectations for each child.  For instance, we sometimes have students that are excellent writers already, but that just means we expect more advanced elements from them.  They have definitely been challenged!  On the other hand, for students who are not as advanced writers, we adjust for them and provide expectations that will challenge them at their individual levels; these students may require more than one session in the same class to achieve mastery.

For our classes, parents do not help the student, other than perhaps to read over the lesson with the student if he or she needs help understanding it.  However, all assignments must be completed by the student only, with no help or edits or revisions or corrections by the parents.  This is to insure the STUDENT is mastering the concepts and actually applying them completely on his/her own.

This insures also that the instructor will be able to evaluate the student’s work properly.  (For younger students who do not type yet, parents may type the student’s work, as long as it is EXACTLY as the student has written – errors and all.)


We offer four 6-week sessions per school year.  We also offer a summer session with a few of the regular-year classes, as well as some summer-only classes. Each 6-week class covers students’ Language Arts requirements for that 6-week period (although parents should always add  reading or literature, and continue with any individual  spelling programs).  The Fundamentals Writing classes require about  3  hours a week — in addition to the 1 hour a week on line time.  The Paragraph and higher classes require around 4-5 hours a week.  Of course for some students it takes more time, depending on how many revisions they need to do, and how long it takes them to come up with ideas and type. For others it may be less.  A very key component to our program includes learning to follow a schedule and meet deadlines, crucial for success in all grades and throughout high school and college.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.